A Long Way To Fall

Bridget Berg grew up on the slopes of Elk Mountain, Utah. The daughter of a famous downhill skier, she was chasing her own Olympic dreams when her father’s unexpected death forced her to take over his ski lodge. It’s her home and she’ll protect it at all costs―especially from her insufferable neighbors. 

“I loved everything about this book: the humor, the sexy dialogue, the heartbreak, the supporting characters, all of it!”

— Bold Strokes review of The Holiday Treatment

“The most realistic, most honest, most genuine and best written book that I have read in what seems like years.”

— Audible review of Unforgettable

“I laughed, cried and felt emotionally drained by the end. A book that has such a profound effect on the reader shouldn't be missed.”

— Bold Strokes review of Waiting For You

“It's Spencer's writing that really knows how to grip an audience and make you fall in love with her storylines.”

— Amazon review of 30 Dates in 30 Days